How to choose a camera for your car?

car camera in singapore which are also known as dashboard cameras, you need to install them in your car. There are numerous reasons for why you need them to be installed. Each and every type of camera has its own characteristics and features and is designed to record videos when the car is in motion.

Some of the essential specification and features of car camera in singapore:

  • Video resolution is extremely important when buying a camera for your vehicle. It is essential to buy one with 720 pixels such that you will be able to read the license plates, see the car model and face of drivers. There are also 1080p and 2K resolution dash cams that are available in cameraSince, the high resolution cameras need more storage capacity to store videos or footages; therefore, you need to consider this before shopping a dash cam. Do not go for the cameras which have low storage capacity in their SD cards.
  • Night vision is extremely important because you never know when an accident will take place. Though the headlights, street lights and other lights on the road can give enough lighting that one can avoid accidents but in case if the lights are not there, there might be chances of vehicle crashes. So night vision plays a crucial role.
  • A front facing camera will not be enough to capture full coverage, as it will record things only happens at front. There comes a pair dashcams, which has 2 cameras that are mounted on dash board and rear windshield.