More About roll-up tonneau cover for Dodge Ram

More About roll-up tonneau cover for Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram owners know how practical and rough they can be. They’re perfect for transporting things from point to point, b-whether it’s just across town or hundreds of miles away. Sometimes you need the Dodge Ram bed wide open and available to carry large items that stick over the Dodge Ram bedsides. You may also want to have smaller items that fit in the Dodge Ram bed and should be protected from outside elements, especially for long trips. The best roll-up tonneau cover for Dodge Ram is the perfect solution for your needs!


 Dodge Ram tonneau covers are custom-fitted to your Dodge Ram’s bed. Built of rough materials, a specialized Gear-Box tonneau cover protects items you are carrying when it is opened or closed, although there is more protection for smaller items when the cover is closed. The Gear-Box tonneau cover is a unique design from the Dodge Ram bed center rather than rolling up. It fits on Dodge Ram bed-fitting rails and can be easily installed without drilling any holes. It comes with a complete installation kit that includes all the brackets and hardware needed to install it—from struts and strut brackets to bolts, nuts, washers, and even bolt covers.


The tonneau cover can be used, and the Dodge Ram has driven while. The tonneau cover is in the flat, closed or open, upright position for easy transport of large objects. Unlike other tonneau covers, this model features a unique set of racks that can be used upright with the tonneau cover so you can carry more cargo than ever. The racks fit in between the two upright covers to provide a second level for easy storage of ladders, canoes, or other long objects weighing up to 600 pounds.


When the Dodge Ram tonneau cover is closed, it provides waterproof protection for everything in your Dodge Ram bed. The unit is made of an impact-resistant ABS Polymer and has a UV coating to keep the color like new and prevent fading. Additionally, you can lock this unit-something you can’t do with old tonneau covers-and. It comes with the lock and two keys as part of the package. This is ideal for regularly carrying tools and other valuables in their Dodge Ram beds.


If you’re looking for your Dodge Ram’s ultimate accessory, a Gear-Box tonneau cover is ideal. Rugged and durable, it’s also convenient for carrying cargo. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and becomes an essential part of your Dodge Ram.


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