A term paper is a type of research paper written by students over their academic term. It accounts a large part of their grade. It is also defined as a given to students in school or college that represent their achievement during a term.  A term paper that can get students good grade requires some extra efforts along with few research hours and good writing skills. Good planning, management of the data, analytical skills, out of the box thinking, and above average writing skills contribute to a good research paper.

Term Paper Format

The format of the term paper depends on the course for which it is written. For example, the format of the Economics course will differ from that of social studies.

1.Title Page

It is a separate page from the rest of the term paper that contains the title, name of the candidate, course name, instructor’s name and date of submitting the term paper.


The acknowledgment will contain the following information:

  • Topic: State the topic and give a description of it
  • Rationale: Explanation about the importance of that topic and why you chose it
  • Additional Information: Add some other important information if needed

Term Paper Outline

3.Table of Content

Purpose of the statement: State the questions that are included in the paper and a briefing of the paper as well

  • LiteratureReview: Here the research methodologies are explained along with the procedures used for implementing them. All the required details will be stated keeping the word limits in mind.
  • Result: Make the conclusion and determine whether the hypothesis was right or not.
  • Recommendations: Give all the suggestions for the reader for further inquiry and research.
  • ReferenceList: List the sources from where you have taken the information. Remember the list should be in alphabetical order and follow the required citation format.

Term Paper Outline

The outline of the term paper works as a road map to give direction to the reader about the term paper. Here all the points are well organized that are discussed in the paper. The basic outline will be as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • Heading 4
  • Conclusion

Term Paper: Steps to be Followed

These steps must be followed in writing a term paper.

  • Selection of the topic
  • Thorough research related to the topic
  • Preparing the outline of the term paper
  • Writing the proposal sample
  • Writing the paper
  • Preparation of the cover page
  • Preparing the final copy with by editing and proofreading it