What is Kraft Paper and its Types?

What is Kraft Paper and its Types?

            One of the most favorite destinations, when people want to celebrate is restaurants. It is a great place to bond with friends and family. It is also a great setting for business or informal meetings. Yet, for coffee lovers, the best place is still a coffee shop. Kraft coffee is available almost anywhere.

What do you think are the reasons why people keep coming back to their favorite restaurants? Perfect ambiance, good customer service, and a clean environment. As well as one factor to consider is the products and materials they used. If they use an eco-friendly type of restaurant supplies.

There is an important and popular ingredient being used by many restaurants nowadays. It is Kraft paper. If you always go to restaurants then maybe you’re familiar with this.

What is Kraft Paper? 

            Kraft paper of course is a biodegradable product. It is used in a wide range of commercial and industrial operations. Mainly for packaging and protection. It is suited to many branding options because of its natural woody-looking texture. The name Kraft comes from the German word which means “strength” or “force”.  Kraft paper efficiency, diversity, and custom ability make it a recipe for success. Especially for many eating establishments.

Types of Kraft paper and how they are used by restaurants:

  • Butcher paper- it is no longer used just for foodservice packaging. The sturdy and inexpensive paper comes in ready-to-use rolls and sheets. Its resistance to oil, blood, and stains makes it an ideal pairing for food service. Butcher paper is usually used in many restaurants. As a food tray liner, sandwich wrapper, and disposable tabletop.
  • Freezer paper- it is the most profitwise way to store fish, meats, and poultry. In the freezer for long periods. The paper follows the shape of the food being wrapped. And the covering traps moisture in to prevent freezer burn and maintain the food fresh.
  • Steak Paper- colorful steak paper helps poultry, meat, and seafood. To stand out on display in butcher, grocery, or deli display cases.
  • Natural Kraft- restaurants embrace natural kraft paper. For its eco-friendly and rustic look appeal. It makes it easy to clean up in customizable doggy bags and disposable tabletops. And unique tear-off menus that offer cheap for establishments. That frequently changes the menus.
  • Bleached or white kraft paper- is just the same as natural kraft. But gives a crisp, pristine, clean look. For bags, tabletops, and other same uses of natural kraft paper.

Thus, Kraft paper is very useful to the environment. If you want to check more products, visit topically related to restaurant supplies.