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Benefits of Skirting Boards: Enhancing Your Interior Design

Home - Ted Chong - May 21, 2023

160mm skirting board

One often-ignored component that can fundamentally influence the general tastefulness and usefulness of space is an 18mm skirting board. Mopboards are structural highlights put at the foundation of interior walls.

Protection and Durability

One basic role of skirting boards is to give protection to the lower part of walls. They go about as a boundary, forestalling furniture, vacuums, and people strolling through from straightforwardly affecting the walls, which can bring about unattractive checks and marks. Skirting boards assist with keeping up with the primary honesty of the walls and lessen the requirement for incessant fixes.

Concealing Wiring and Cables

In present-day homes and offices with various electrical apparatuses and innovations, concealing wiring and cables can challenge. Skirting boards offer a viable arrangement by giving a tactful space to disguise these unattractive wires.

Stylish Enhancement

18mm skirting board is assumed as an essential part of enhancing the general stylish allure of a room. They add an enriching contact, going about as an edge that outwardly finishes the foundation of the walls. Skirting boards come in different designs, and sizes, and get done with, permitting you to pick a style that supplements compositional style and the interior subject of your space.

Seamless Transition between Walls and Flooring

deep skirting board uk

Skirting boards give a seamless transition between the walls and the flooring, making a firm and outwardly satisfying look. They cover any holes or imperfections that might happen during the establishment of flooring materials, for example, lopsided cuts or development joints.

Noise Reduction

One more benefit of skirting boards is their capacity to retain sound and limit noise transmission. The extra layer made by skirting boards goes about as support, diminishing the effect of sound vibrations that can go through walls. It is especially useful in shared spaces, like offices or multi-story structures, where noise reduction and protection are significant contemplations.

Easy Maintenance

Skirting boards are moderately easy to clean and keep up with. They give a defensive hindrance against residue, soil, and dampness, keeping them from settling straightforwardly on the walls. Standard tidying or cleaning down the skirting boards with a clammy material is typically adequate to keep them looking spotless and new.

Concealing Wall Imperfections

Walls are inclined to imperfections, like lopsided surfaces, holes, or breaks. Skirting boards can cover these defects, giving a smooth and uniform appearance. By covering the foundation of the walls, skirting boards make a spotless line that draws the eye away from any wall abnormalities, bringing about an outwardly engaging and durable look.

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How To Avail The Local Handyman Services In Tucson

Home - Ted Chong - September 30, 2022

Local Handyman In Cedar

Handyman is a person employed to do occasional domestic repairs, minor renovations and repairs for homes, commercial buildings, offices, hotels, etc. A handyman possesses expertise in certain activities of craftsmanship and certain skills in using the tools which are learned specifically for the jobs like plumbing, electric wiring, carpentry, etc. These jobs require a lot of physical effort.

How does a handyman get work?   

In earlier days handymen used to move around from house to house, building to building to seek people who require their service but as the mode of communication improved now, clients made the phone call to handymen having the expertise in their respective skills like for a water leak a plumber is called, for a power cut an electrician. Back then people used to hold telephone directories which had the number of the local handyman services in Tucson and their skills to call them. As things grew digital and with the advent of startup culture many companies started offering these services so hiring a handyman got even easier.


Required qualifications for a handyman

Generally, handyman jobs do not require a degree. It requires experience, knowledge, and good communication skills. A good handyman possesses knowledge in many areas but will also have knowledge when the task required is out of his skillset and will provide an appropriate recommendation regarding the problem. The bare minimum to get a handyman’s job is to use power tools and hand tools.

Some sacred art of handymen

Some handymen have also become known for the skills that they possess and they usually pass them on to the next generation. An example of this type of art is the family of Takumi (artisans) of japan who make a knife that cannot be elsewhere found in the world it is so sharp that it could slide through a surface with minimal effort. Steve jobs also visited japan and were impressed by Takumi porcelain which used a specific style called Etchu Seto-yaki to make it. Etchu Seto-yaki is a style to make porcelains that is not known to many.

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Where do You Find Handymen

Home - Ted Chong - June 16, 2022

local handyman in Converse

A handyman that is skilled and experienced can be found easily. There are several websites dedicated to the subject, lists of tradesmen, and reviews of local handymen. A good tip will be to ask friends or neighbors if they know someone who can help with your project.


A handyperson could be anyone from an art student who fixes their own bike to a full-time professional carpenter and commercial electrician. Internet searches for home services provide professionals with plenty of options, such as plumbers, electricians, painters, and roofers. After you have gathered information about pricing and extra services, the next step would be to contact several people in your city to compare their prices.


Finding a local handyman is now easier than ever before. You can use the internet to search for handyman websites, and you can post your project on forums that allow you to add information and photos of your project. The bonus of finding a local handyman in Converse is that they are often more flexible with their fees and charging by the job rather than an hourly rate. In some cases, local household chores like plumbing or electrical may be fixed for free depending on the skill level or amount of work involved in completing your home repair project.


Handyman experience is a must. An experienced handyman is more likely to know the proper work methods for your job and will be less likely to cut corners. And don’t forget to ask about discounts for repeat customers. In most cases, you will get a 10% discount or more if you have had them do work for you before.


Having a carpenter or electrician on the premises can help save time and money by eliminating downtime and workforce costs. The majority of professional home repair contractors provide 24 hours service, so you will not have to worry about waiting for repairs when your power goes out at 3 in the morning.


Additionally, most handyman services will include options like viewable work orders, a copy of your home inspection, and an insurance section. This can help you track the progress of your home repair project from start to finish. Many handymen also have a pricing estimator that can be easily input into your computer or smartphone to get an accurate quote on labor and materials for your home repair project.

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Garage doors – factors to consider

Home - Ted Chong - August 29, 2021

residential garage door company

Choosing a garage door is not an easy thing like selecting the doors for other parts of the home. This is because the garage doors are supposed to withstand all the climatic barrier and they are also supposed to withstand all kind of wear and tear. Hence one should not choose the garage door for their home alike. They must consider all the important factors for choosing the best. The things that they are supposed to expect from their garage door are revealed here in order to help the buyers to a greater extent.


As mentioned above, the garage doors are supposed to withstand more external factors. it must withstand wind, dust, snow, sunlight, grease and several other factors. Hence it is highly important to come up with a garage door that sounds to be best in quality. The buyers can feel free to choose any kind of material for their garage door. But the material should be highly durable and they must be best in quality. The high quality garage doors may be little bit expensive but they will be worth for the money. Hence one can prefer to spend some extra amount to ensure quality of their garage door.

Branded doors

It is to be noted that there are many branded garage doors in the market. The people who are coming forward to choose these doors must choose the leading brands in the market. The brand which they choose should be capable of meeting all their expectation over the garage doors. One can also read the reviews on various brands for choosing the best residential garage door company in spite of various brands in the market.


Buying the garage doors in right size is more important. In case if a person tends to buy larger or smaller door for their garage, it will not fit and all their money may go in vain. Hence before ordering for the door, one must make proper measurement over the door and must choose the right size according to it.

Safety and security

Today many garage doors are made with advanced technology that they are well known for the safety and security. People who want to ensure the safety level of their home in all the means can move for these kinds of garage doors. These doors will have more advanced options that can also make things easier for the users.

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Home - Ted Chong - August 18, 2021

                Safety and security are two important features that a home must possess as part of precaution particularly in places where burglary is rampant. Over time, a lot of methods and devices were implemented to prevent this from happening. Some people hire security guards, especially those who are living in high-end private properties, while those who live in rentals install security cameras and other systems.

CCTVs are a good investment

                Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) are a good investment in general despite that it is pricey for the following reasons:

  • It is cost-effective by cutting off your expenses in hiring security guards.
  • It enables you to spot unusual activities within the premise of your house. Thus, the possibility of crime is deterred.
  • It gives you real-time monitoring that allows for immediate action to be taken in case of an emergency.
  • It improves home insurance rates that are advantageous to tenants, especially if break-ins happen.
  • It puts your mind at ease while you are away from home.

All these perks are single-handed by CCTVs which are installed with cameras that are connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to compress and store footage for everyday and future viewing.

Types of CCTVs

                Over years, CCTVs have undergone drastic improvements in their features. Currently, it has 2 available operating systems which can be employed depending on the client’s needs: Analog Security System and IP Security System. 

                Analog Security System is the standard type of CCTV system wherein the camera is connected to a DVR that does the compressing, converting, storing, and streaming of recordings. Since this system uses two devices to work simultaneously, more cables are needed for the power and DVR connection. It also lacks encryption which makes security breaches possible. Moreover, this kind of system is not suitable in a fast-pacing environment due to its low frame rate and the unavailability of a zooming feature that both affect the video quality and limits area coverage.  Hence, the generated images are grainy or blurry.

                In the Internet Protocol (IP) Security System, the camera does the works of a DVR and transmits the footage via an ethernet cable making it convenient to install and use. The advantage of this technology is that it has multiple sensors which can cover large areas due to multiple cameras run by it. It also has a higher resolution compared to analogs that enable zooming. The combination of intelligence, analytics, and encryption makes it a superb home security system despite being quite expensive.

In choosing a security system, the perfect solution is to consult a CCTV Singapore who gives free advice on strategic camera placements, proper usage of necessary tools, and availing of services for an effective installment and implementation.

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Knowing about some bto renovation ideas that gain huge demand now

Home - Ted Chong - August 7, 2021

Purchasing a home is most expensive and affordable. Some people from low-income backgrounds can’t afford a home much easier. So, based upon their budget, they could renovate their old home into a new one. This is why people are struggling a lot to get the best renovating company with the best bto renovation package as well. It all depends on how well you researched and how well you communicated with the renovation company is important. It’s better to take feedbacks from the known ones and get in touch with the team of the renovation company to share your ideas exclusively.

Let’s focus on some key design styles when your home is renovated with bto renovation method:

Generally,many interior designers assist a lot to renovate your home much pleasantly.  Ofcourse, most of the renovation companies offer beautiful bto renovation package that suits the range of the customers to renovate their dream homes.

So, let’s know about some bto renovation ideas with design styles:

  • There is another Scandinavian design style that highlights the light of the room, especially from the large windows. This design is introduced in the 1950s only and it is a traditional type that impresses all kinds of people due to its natural sunlight rays highlight your home lighting in the mornings.
  • Generally, there is another bto renovation idea which looks much styling and ultra-modern type. Since mid-20 this style of approach is recommended. Here in this style, you can use materials made up of metal and glass type.

  • Here comes minimalistic style where it implies the simplest nature to portray the space in a fair design style. This kind of style project the black furniture over the space look much attractive. In short, this style depicts that avoiding unwanted furniture from the beautiful space of your house is important.
  • Finally there comes contemporary style bto. This style is applicable when your house is having a large space. You can renovate your large space room in a layered format that might impress everyone who visits. This is the beauty of the style. This design style of approach looks very simple, lines will be clean and clear. This design makes your space look much clear and the furniture you place over there looks awesome. Some of the major colors of this design style like black and grey things will highlight the space of the house.


Hope the above ideas make you analyze how well you can renovate your home wisely.

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How Can You Know That Your Home is in Good Condition

Home - Ted Chong - July 7, 2021

You have exchanged your wishes for nuptials, settled in a job, now that you want to raise a family and especially, you need a house. You do not want to stay in rented apartments and crush your desires. It’s time to have your own home. Similarly, it is high time that you are looking for new home builders in .There is a steep rise of home builders in illawarra, which offers great land packages and offers on the new construction of the house everywhere in . You will find a few things that will give shape to your dreams faster. The tips we share in the blog will help you avoid hidden costs and keep things on track. Go quickly through the five surefire tips to make your home perfect and have all the comforts of the best price.

All the requirements of the house are not equal.

When you find home builders in illawarra, you will see that the requirements of the house continue to vary, so you need to communicate your needs accordingly. Do not let the builders give you the cheapest estimate. When shopping for the best products for your home, be sure to make a direct comparison.

The price is one of the important things to consider

You choose should not have exhaust costs rather than should demonstrate fixed rates for you. You do not have to leave any non-defeated stone and ensure that all information about the necessary costs is in.

Never fall into the trap of the manufacturer’s promotion

Custom Builders Home allows many attractive discounts on their packages. It would help if you watched for them. These big discounts and offers are attractive. It often seems too good to be true. So do not go for that; you should rather look for real value.

Do not let yourself be influenced

New home builders are looking for an excellent option to show you when looking for the best homes. Do not be distracted by extravagant houses; they show you. There is a custom home manufacturer who does not even build some of the impressive features they did not want to display. Go ahead because they will provide you with personalized needs and not just everything you look expensive and useless for your home. At the same time, leaving the household builder to provide you with the cost of the article of the posted house.

The house should be energy efficient.

The new house, which you intend to buy or build, should be comfortable. And to make it more comfortable and comfortable, you must make sure that it meets the score of six stars. You do not have to fall into the trap of these manufacturers who charge you a supplement in to meet the minimum standard.

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What to consider prior to purchasing a wallpaper?

Home - Ted Chong - June 23, 2021

    • Measure your room

    Guarantee that you measure your home prior to purchasing a wallpaper. Specialists recommend you that one should sort out the tallness and width of each room of the space to get the area. In the wake of making that estimation then you should figure the area of the space that will be left revealed by the wallpaper singapore like entryways and windows and deduct them from the general wall estimations.

    • Settle on the pattern and color

    Before you purchase a wallpaper, you should take a choice on the pattern you need to affect into your home. After deciding then you can form your last arrangement as you move to the market to see which kind of wallpaper is accessible and which suits you better.

    • Understand the merchant’s plan

    Before you buy a wallpaper, you should know the merchant’s strategy so that on if you track down that the material you bought didn’t meet your desire after establishment, then, at that point the store will refund your buy or even give you a bit of it.

    • The unit of estimation the merchant uses to Price

    Ensure you comprehend the unit of estimation the merchant utilizes when valuing materials with the goal that the expense isn’t an unexpected when you submit your request. Consider purchasing more than you might suspect you may require several reasons. This additional sum can take into consideration any estimation mistakes or installation gives that you may experience at home.

    • Conclude who will install the wallpaper

    Choose whether you need to take on the installation yourself or have proficient installers accomplish the work for you. The installation interaction, and how you need that dealt with can be a factor in where you buy your materials relying upon whether the store offers proficient help with your home.

    The Importance of Choosing Reputable Wallpapers

    • Class and excellence

    The essential motivation behind why most Singaporeans utilize trustworthy wallpaper singapore in their homes is that they assist them withstanding apart from the group. wallpapers for the most part accompany an unending mix of shadings, designs, plans, texture type and surface,hence, profoundly beautifies a home.

    • Simple to clean

    Respectable wallpapers are covered making it simpler for the house proprietor to clean them from the normal family checks. This assists with making your wall covering become sturdier than any paints which may blur after repeating scrubbings.

    • Durable and conservative

    Reputable wallpapers are modest and tough. If you utilize a dependable wallpaper, you save a great deal since they last more without the requirement for substitution. Since wallpapers should coordinate with your furniture then, at that point transforming them will imply that you should in any case replace your furnishings. Because of this, it is judicious for you to purchase legitimate wallpapers to stay away from customary changes of furniture which is a costly task.

    • Reputable wallpapers are attractive

    A huge number are drawn to their homes because of the flavor of their home inside improvement. Because of this, it fitting to introduce trustworthy wallpapers in your homes for you to have more inhabitants drawn to your premises in an exceptionally aggressive market like that of Singapore.


    Therefore, Wallpapers are used to enhance the beauty of our home. Make sure while selecting a wallpaper because it should match with furniture then the whole room looks attractive. if they are not matching then we cannot buy a furniture which matches the wallpaper, since its a expensive task.

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Is it good to buy a resale flat?

Home - Ted Chong - March 2, 2021

Renovation Ideas

It is true that not every person has enough money to buy a new flat. So these kinds of people prefer resale flats. But many people are confused it is good to buy a resale flat or not. Let us tell you that it is good to buy a resale flat but it will not be in good condition. So you have to put some effort and money to make it beautiful and useful for you. You can hire professional hdb 3 room resale flat interior design just to renovate your beautiful house.

Apart from this, you can also do all these things by yourself. If you go with professionals then you don’t have to worry about it as professionals have experience and knowledge so they do it quickly. But if you are going to hbd 3 room resale flat interior design then it will take a lot of time, effort, and money as well.

Renovation Ideas

These are few things which will show you the benefits of buying a resale flat:

  • Let us tell you that the resale flat providers will provide you very resale flat at a very cheap rate. Because they are income conscious and sell as soon as possible, so you can buy a good flat at a genuine price if your broker will be in hurry to sell the flat.
  • The best thing about resale property is that it is available at a good location and at a very cheaper rate. If you go for the new properly then it will not always available will the good and needy locations.
  • If you want to live in a particular city then the resale property is a good option for you. It is very affordable for you and near to all the local areas.
  • Instead of a resale flat if you go with the new one then you have to pay rent, EMI, dwelling, and a lot of charges. It will make your pocket empty. But on the other hand, if you go with the resale flats then you don’t have to worry about the taxes, you just have to pay rent on time and enjoy the resale flat at a very good and useful place.
  • Before buying the resale flat you can also enquire about the flat and the dealer as well. If you are assured with all the things only then you can proceed further to buy the flat, otherwise you can also go for the next deal.
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Tips To Choose The Right Air Conditioning Unit For Your Home

Home - Ted Chong - December 5, 2020

Tips To Choose The Right Air Conditioning Unit For Your Home

It is so much fun when you are out and your goal is to buy things for your home. And one of the most important appliances that you should have is the air conditioning units. However, out of the many brands and types of A/C units to choose from, which do you think is the right one for your needs at home? It is crucial that you learn how to choose depending on the size and output to keep your home cool and comfortable. 

Purchased Depending on A/C Type

There are three types of air conditioning units to choose from – central units, window units, and portable units. These types will determine that they also come at different prices. So which should you consider when buying air conditioners at The Good Guys? Let’s go ahead and find out.

  • Central Units. With the Central Units, the air that is pumped from the A/C to your home is done through ductwork. This is by far the most expensive option for an air conditioning unit but nevertheless, you will save money in the long run because of its energy efficiency.
  • Window Units. This is the most common A/C units that you can find in most homes these days, especially for those living in an apartment. You can place it right in your window and it will pump cool air in while pumping out hot air. They are much cheaper upfront compared to the central units, but they are not as energy-efficient.
  • Portable Units. If you are not sure if the central units or the window A/C is the best for you, then you can just choose to go for the portable units. You will need a duct for it to pump hot air outside. But that is not usually a problem because the duct can be placed in a nearby window while the unit can be moved from room to room. This is a perfect choice if you have limited space and you don’t really need to cool the entire house.

Buy Based On A/C Size

Another thing to consider when buying an airconditioning unit is the size. Picking the right size is crucial, not the physical size itself, but the size of the output that you will need to cool the rooms in your house. If you check out A/C size, they are by the ton. If you do not know which size is suitable for your room, as a rule of thumb, add one ton for every 600 square feet of your home. But if you only need to cool one room, know the size of the area and choose between window and portable units.

Additional Tips When Buying An A/C

You should also know the features of the airconditioning unit that you want to purchase. Features like smart thermostats, fan only options, and auto-delay switch should be considered. Also, you should take into consideration the other factors mentioned above. It is crucial that you choose the right A/C unit for your home.

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