Plastic Cups V.S. Paper Coffee Cups

Plastic Cups V.S. Paper Coffee Cups

Cups are the foundation of all beverages that include our beloved coffees. You cannot expect to drink your favorite cups of coffee in a bowl. Imagine your favorite coffee drink. Whether from a café or at your home, each drink has a particular special cup. The drinking apparatus is crucial whether you like it or not.

However, most common cafés would serve their drinks on plastic cups rather than paper. This might not seem such a big thing for people. But it has been proven that there are some significant factors that people overlook when it comes to cups. You might be surprised but the type of cup you drink on can actually cause different effects to your favorite cup of coffee.

These are some of the reasons why paper cups, especially double wall coffee cups, are better than plastic cups.

 Plastic Struggles to Blend All of Your Coffee

Coffee lovers would want to have every single ounce of their coffee to be used. You do not want to order something you like only for it to be stuck as a paste at the bottom. That is why you would want something that can blend your coffee perfectly.

The plastic cups may be cheaper to manufacture in a large-scale factory. However, that building material is actually not suited for your coffee drinking needs. Coffee grounds that are not mixed in well enough would get stuck on the sticky plastic residue. Long story short, you will not get the most out of your coffee.

Double wall coffee cups on the other hand, are made with high-grade paper. This would mean that the coffee granules will insulate perfectly while inside the cup.

Double wall coffee cups

Green Initiatives are Always Better

The earth is slowly dying from all our needless pollution. But what is the number one source of environmental pollution? That is none other than single-use plastic. Unfortunately, most plastic coffee cups fall into the same spectrum.

It is true that their logos are cute to look at. In addition, their brand will instantly be recognized when you hold one of their cups. But you would be cutting a significant portion of Mother Earth’s life whenever you dispose of this cup without recycling.

Instead, you should make the switch to biodegradable materials. And, as always, the double-wall coffee cups are made with that in mind. Say goodbye to guilt for throwing away your precious cups with these.

 Classy Design

Let’s be real here, the plastic coffee cup design is atrocious. There is nothing more pompous than having an expensive branded coffee logo on your cup. It just shows people that you only care about the brand, not the actual taste of the coffee.

The double-wall coffee cups are designed to remain sleek and classy. Its white and black design will exude an aura of mystique and professionalism.