With Each Cable And Electric Wire Its Use

With Each Cable And Electric Wire Its Use

A domestic electrical installation. Indeed, it allows realizing the main circuits of a housing. For example, it is very convenient for connecting wall outlets and lighting points.

The choice of the electrical conductor is made according to its section, its length and the nature of the circuit to be connected. To be sure of the section of the cable or electrical wire to use, it is advisable to refer to the rating of the circuit breaker that protects the electrical circuit. Learn about the composition, the maximum voltage medical wire manufacturer supported and examples of use for each electric conductor. Whatever the electrical connection you need to make, the electrical wires must always be protected by an ICTA conduit or sheath. It is also preferable to sheath the cables according to the installation method of the installation


Composition and Rated Voltage of R2V:

Solid copper electrical conductors covered with protective PVC sheath. For the residential, an R2V cable usually includes 2 to 5 wires. Sections can be 1.5², 2.5², 4², 6², 10², 16² or 25mm². Namely halogen free cable manufacturer that the drivers  of an R2V electric cable automatically have the same section. The electrical wires that make up an R2V have their PVC insulation, which is worth double insulation to the electric cable. The maximum voltage supported by this type of rigid cable is 1000V.

Examples of using the R2V cable:

This type of power cable is ideal for making external connections. For example, to connect the sealed electrical outlets to the electrical panel or to connect the external switches to the luminaries. The R2V cable is also widely used to connect the distribution board to the EDF meter .

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Composition and maximum tension of this electric wire:

Conductor with several strands and being isolated thanks to a PVC protection. Its section is equal to or greater than 6mm². Being stranded allows the HO7VR wire to be more flexible and lighter than a single-stranded conductor. Its nominal voltage is 700V.

Examples of use of HO7VR:

The lightness and especially the flexibility of this rigid wire is very useful for the connection of the terminal block of the electrical panel . This electric wire is also installed to realize the circuit of the hobs.


Composition of the HO7VU:

The HO7VU wire consists of copper wires and PVC insulation. Its section can be between 1.5mm² and 4 mm². It is single-stranded, which means that the copper wires that compose it form a single twisted pair. This feature allows him to have a range that is close to 100 meters.

The maximum voltage supported by a HO7VU wire is 700V. Examples of use of this type of rigid wire:

The HO7VU electric wire is the most used in.