Safety and security are two important features that a home must possess as part of precaution particularly in places where burglary is rampant. Over time, a lot of methods and devices were implemented to prevent this from happening. Some people hire security guards, especially those who are living in high-end private properties, while those who live in rentals install security cameras and other systems.

CCTVs are a good investment

                Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) are a good investment in general despite that it is pricey for the following reasons:

  • It is cost-effective by cutting off your expenses in hiring security guards.
  • It enables you to spot unusual activities within the premise of your house. Thus, the possibility of crime is deterred.
  • It gives you real-time monitoring that allows for immediate action to be taken in case of an emergency.
  • It improves home insurance rates that are advantageous to tenants, especially if break-ins happen.
  • It puts your mind at ease while you are away from home.

All these perks are single-handed by CCTVs which are installed with cameras that are connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to compress and store footage for everyday and future viewing.

Types of CCTVs

                Over years, CCTVs have undergone drastic improvements in their features. Currently, it has 2 available operating systems which can be employed depending on the client’s needs: Analog Security System and IP Security System. 

                Analog Security System is the standard type of CCTV system wherein the camera is connected to a DVR that does the compressing, converting, storing, and streaming of recordings. Since this system uses two devices to work simultaneously, more cables are needed for the power and DVR connection. It also lacks encryption which makes security breaches possible. Moreover, this kind of system is not suitable in a fast-pacing environment due to its low frame rate and the unavailability of a zooming feature that both affect the video quality and limits area coverage.  Hence, the generated images are grainy or blurry.

                In the Internet Protocol (IP) Security System, the camera does the works of a DVR and transmits the footage via an ethernet cable making it convenient to install and use. The advantage of this technology is that it has multiple sensors which can cover large areas due to multiple cameras run by it. It also has a higher resolution compared to analogs that enable zooming. The combination of intelligence, analytics, and encryption makes it a superb home security system despite being quite expensive.

In choosing a security system, the perfect solution is to consult a CCTV Singapore who gives free advice on strategic camera placements, proper usage of necessary tools, and availing of services for an effective installment and implementation.