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Telemedicine: Digitised world Of Medicine

Health - Ted Chong - October 2, 2022


Today a number of organizations in healthcare are providing the facility of telemedicine. Developed countries are doing far better in this particular field owing to the abundance of capital and infrastructure. But, nearly all are working out to start the same. The trust in the patients has also witnessed an increase as far as its effectiveness and comfort are concerned.  Although the market for helpcare+ telemedicine was already growing at a sharp pace, however, pandemic pushed it even higher than ever before. It came out as a boon to so many of us who were suffering the risk to our lives every time we step out of our homes.

Different forms


Telemedicine is categorized in two forms depending upon the requirements of the persons involved. When there is a requirement of both patient as well as the medical professional, say a physician or surgeon, it is referred to as synchronous telemedicine. It is characterized by a real-time interaction between these two individuals. On the other hand, asynchronous telemedicine eliminates the need for this interaction. In this case, the medical data is transmitted to the specialist as per convenience and it is assessed later offline. Well, the future of telemedicine has a lot to be revealed as is clear from a continuous shift in technology. The use of artificial intelligence is going to completely transform the way we look at diagnosis and treatments.

Nevertheless, it is also associated with certain challenges. Out of these, the biggest one is related to data privacy. Since medical information also includes the data of an individual which is pretty sensitive and can be easily misused. Therefore, strict care must be taken care of this issue which can be done by placing a well-debated data protection law. This will help to secure the future of telemedicine.

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